• A Story of Two Valentines

    Meg Larsen February 14, 2021

    How We Met: My Story “So, what’s your story?” These were the first words I said to Brad, right before I was about to share my own story–my testimony, in fact–as part of a series of faculty-led breakout sessions during Spiritual Emphasis Week at the high school where we were teaching.  We had seen one another before, but Brad had just started working at the school, so we hadn’t officially…

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  • 10 Tips for Surviving Your Baby’s First 6 Months

    Meg Larsen January 17, 2021

    People always talk about the first year of marriage being the hardest, but that wasn’t the case for us; I can’t imagine anything being harder than the first six months of our child’s life.  Now granted, we have had a challenging baby, in the middle of a global pandemic, and we left our jobs as teachers, my husband started the first two months of our baby’s life unemployed, and we…

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